Just Let Go

Hi everyone. Happy Monday!

I am so glad to be feeling better and since it seems to be going aroiund I hope you all are staying healthy out there. My sickness came on so suddenly and severely that all I wanted to do was just lay there and do nothing. Sure, I thought about my writing but I just couldn’t bring myself to lift my head from my pillow so grabbing my laptop was just not happening. I was somewhat bummed to have to leave all the projects I had going but as I view life with A Cup Half Full attitude I discovered something wonderful upon my return.

Before I had gotten sick I was working on my novel (which consumes my life at times) and also working on several short stories for my photo blog: Wolfe. I tend to spend a lot of time reworking my stories, paragraph by paragraph as I go along, which takes me forever but being sick opened my eyes to a very important lesson. Being rushed and under the gun with three different projects, I had sat down and written a hanful of stories which were very sloppy and quickly drawn up. But instead of going over them repeatedly, I wasn’t able to do so once I was sick and when I returned to them I saw that they actually weren’t that bd. Sure, they need tweaking and spellchecked and some parts just need to be remorved. But there is more good in there than I ever trusted myself to write the first time through.

I had to abandone my writing and let it simmer for a wh9ole week without looking at it, without scouring over every word and agonizing over structure. My mind was set free of what I had written and in doing so I was able to see it all through new eyes and a new perspective. I am having a wonderfully productive writing day and even though I spent the last week sick, I am thrilled to have learned something new. Let go and just write. Then walk away. When you finally come back to it, it will be a whole new experience. Have a great week everyone and Happy Writing.


~ O


Feeling Sick


Hello everyone. If you’re wondering why I haven’t been around as of late, it’s because I seem to have gotten sick. I’m not one who usually gets sick so I always have a tough time. (It’s been at least two years).  Anyway, I’m super bummed because I’ve been collecting thoughts and ideas about some writing posts I would like to make but I just don’t have the strength right now. I do have a little bit but all my energy (what little I have) goes into writing my novel.  A lot of people around me are getting sick so I hope this post finds you all in good health. Have a great rest of the week and I will be back as soon as I get to feeling better.


My Childhood Dream Was To Be…..

A writer.

Growing up, I was always scribbling in my spiral notebooks about some imaginary world filled with fascinating characters while what I really should have been doing was copying the long and boring notes my History teacher presented on the chalkboard.  My nights were spent hiding under my blankets with a flashlight as I followed my favorite authors deep into the realm of limitless possibilities. My love for the written word and creating my own stories for others to read was always forefront in my mind and my life’s goal was to someday become a writer.

Those dreams have followed me since I was old enough to form sentances and today I find myself in the midst of technology and excited with the all the information and opportunities that are at my fingertips. Never did I imagine as a teeneager that I would be connected to so many creative and like minded people as we all follow our dreams to the same place. I see so many talented people and read their work which inspires me in my own and I’m forming many new friendships along the way. I have learned countless lessons within the short time I have become involved online but there is one such lesson that shines brightest among all the others, a lesson in which I find all happiness and fullfillment.

Am I famous like Stephen King? No, I’m not. Will I ever be? Only time will tell. But during that time I have an advantage that was not available to Mr. King and all authors of generations past. Where they slaved over their words and went years, even decades, before eyes fell upon them I am presented with the beautiful invention of the ‘Publish Button’. Once I am done with a story it is instantly available to literally billions of people spanning the globe. While I may not have a fanbase as impressive as the well known authors, what I do have are familiar faces which pop up at the end of my posts, new ones who join them and friends who encourage and support me in what I’m doing. What is it, exactly, that I’m doing?

Living my Childhood Dream.





Write For No One But Yourself

Wait a minute….I think Olivia’s fallen straight out of her writing chair.

If this is what you’re thinking, just bare with me and continue reading. This statemet does sound a bit contradictory, after all aren’t we as writers writing with the ultimate goal of presenting our work to an audience? Shouldn’t we be writing with them in mind since it is they who we are aiming to entertain with our imaginative worlds and larger than life characters? Though you may not believe so, the answer is  no.

This really isn’t as confusing as it may seem and it just takes a simple look to a well known saying in order to understand. We’ve all heard it so many times before: “You can’t make everyone happy.” There is a very profound lesson within this phrase and we all know what happens when we try to please everyone. Two things occur:

1. No matter how hard you try, someone is always going to be displeased

2. You lose your happiness while attempting to keep everyone satisfied.

I have learned this lesson and have applied it to my day to day life. In doing so, I have made many people angry and some have even walked away from me but it’s ok because I am the most happiest I have ever been in my life. Why is that? Because I learned that even though there are those who will not like what I’m doing and how I’m living, there are many who do, bringing another saying into play which I hold onto with pride:

“I would rather be hated for who I am than loved for who I’m not.”

Though I may have adopted these words for my life, when you apply them to your writing amazing things happen. You free yourself of the thought of holding back because this person or that one will not like this scene or you don’t think that particular group will appreciate the plot twist or the spunky character that seems to have a mind of her own. Holding back when writing is to lose a piece of yourself, and no matter hard you work you will never be able to cover it up. It will show in your writing. Something will seem off, the words will sound forced or the story will fall flat. The only way to avoid this is to write for yourself. When you’re tapping at the keys or scribbling in your notes and creating your story world, when you write soley for you, your writing will resonate with honesty and truth and there is no way to produce something poorly when you take this approach.

But what about your audience? To be honest, you may lose a few readers along the way when you don’t produce what they want but something else will happen too. Just as it is with life, you will find yourself surrounded by people who like what you’re doing and who accept you and your writing for what you are. That, for me, is the ultimte blessing. To have the freedom to be who I want to be and to write within that realm to produce something that is truly amazing.

Be you. Be happy and write for you, for when you do you set yourself free.

I Don’t Have Time For That!!!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Here we are again, beginning a new week of our crazy lives, running errands, juggling work schedules, taking care of our families and trying to catch some time to relax somewhere in there. So how are we as writers supposed to find the time needed to write when the chaos of day to day creeps in? Well, the answer is simple….but the task is a hard one.

You must make the time to write. No matter what! I think of two quotes when it comes to my writing:

1. Where there’s a will there’s a way


2. If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If it’s not, you will find excuses.

Both are very true and anyone with any kind of hectic schedule can find time for writing if it’s what you really want to do. So you’ve got that big idea, maybe you’ve drawn up a Vision Board for your project and the excitement is running high. You want nothing more than to get started….but there’s no way you have hours out of  your day to dedicate to your writing. Dont get discouraged, just take a deep breath and look around. It’s very rare that any of us have huge chunks of the day to pour into our writing but that doesn’t mean you can’t write at all. Look to your daily schedule and you will surely see somewhere you can add in writing.

Start small. Maybe you have ten minutes before dinner is on the table, fifteen while you wait for your little ones to get out of practice or even just five at the very end of your work day. This doesn’t seem like much at all and you may be thinking that it will take forever to finish your writing goals if you have to do it in five minute intervals, but I guarentee that by dedicating just this small amount of time something amazing will happen. Your appetite for writing will grow into an insatiable need and you will want to find more and more time to dedicate to the craft.

Where you once thought you couldn’t squeeze not one more second from your day, you will find yourself skipping that last show of the evening to sneek off to finish your chapter or setting the alarm a half an hour early to get some writing in before your day begins. Wherever you can fit the time in will be determined by you, but I promise you that if you really want to follow your dreams of writing, the time is there….you just have to make it. I was in the same spot for years, believing I never had the time to follow my dreams but here I am to tell you that if I can do it, a mother of five, raising them all and working while I do it, then you can too.

Get up, get moving and create your time!

Do you already have a writing schedule? What does yours consist of? When do you write and how did you carve out the time to do it? I always love hearing from you. Have a great day everyone, I’m off to do my writing :’)

~ O

Remember What I said!!

Good morning and Happy Friday!

For those of you who read yesterday’s post you know that I stressed the importance of getting involved with other writers for a source of support as you w0rk your way through your projects. This is great advice, but this morning as I checked in with my fellow writers I discovered something else, another reason why I love being involved in this circle of creative people…..

They are one of the greatest sources of motivation I have ever had the pleasure of being exposed to! To be honest, being away for ten days has caused a bit of lack of enthusiasm to return to the solitary work habits that consume a writer. I have been struggling all week long and wondering just how to get back in the groove of things. Let me tell you, when you are surrounded by people who are setting their goals and working hard to meet them it is very inspiring. To see them working hard and then discussing their success there is no way you can sit there and do nothing! Feeding off of their excitement has made me want to dive right back in to my novel and get back on track so I too can experience that feeling of accomplishment you can only achieve by doing.

Being involved in a writer’s group has many benefits and just when I think I have gained all there is to learn from it, I experience something new. I can barely sit still long enough to finish this post because I’m so excited to get to work! Yes, writing a novel is a huge undertaking but it will never get done if I don’t spend time with it each day. So many things await you in a writer’s group. Today it was Motivation and I’m thrilled to have found it.

What are you waiting for? Create your own experience….get involved!


~ O


Everyone Needs A Little Support

Hello! I hope everyone is having a productive writing week. For me, honestly, it’s been interesting. Although I have not gotten much actual writing accomplished, I have been spending time catching up on my To Do list that grew a mile long while I was away, organizing my projects by making some Vision Boards and doing some research.

A lot goes in to being a writer, besides just sitting down and putting words to paper. There’s so much to learn and information to absorb that sometimes it can get overwhelming. Combine that with the fact that writing is a solitary act and one can easily get lost along the way. So what’s a writer to do?

Get involved with other writers.

Though it should be a very practical and common sense solution, there are those of you out there who will fight this choice. I know I did for a very long time and it wasn’t until I finally gave in to a friend’s persistent coaxing that I was able to see what I was missing. If you are where I was, please do not be foolish. Now it’s my turn to urge you to get involved. There is so much waiting for you and the only thing to come of it will be your growth as a writer. Yes, we may have friends and family who support us along the way, offering us the occasional “Great job, you can do it.” or the “I’m so proud of you.” that we all appreciate but being involved with other writers offers a much different kind of support. You see, friends and family will always be there to repeat their encouraging words, but they have no answers when you come across that problem with a hole in your plot or that character that just won’t cooperate. This is because they are not writers themselves and therefore do not understand the elements that go into the craft.

But it’s a whole new world when you are with others like yourself and you can ask your question and have an abundant wealth of knowledge, advice and tips and tricks offered up from people who understand your struggles and who are there to help you through. But there’s more! No matter how much we love our friends and family and we’re forever grateful for their support, there is nothing like gathering with other writers to share your progress and talk about the craft. This serves as a huge motivator when it comes to completing a WIP. Watching others meet their goals gets you excited to create and meet your own goals and you will discover a new love of writing!

So much is waiting for you within a writer’s group. Whether it be one you personally attend at your local library or one you choose to involve yourself with online, if there is one piece of advice you should take it’s this one to get involved. I have been told this for years now but never took the leap. Do it for you. Do it for your wirting. I promise, you will not regret it.

Happy writing 🙂

~ O